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Subaru Triathlon Series Cancelled


By Fred Wallace

Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


The dominos continue to tumble when it comes to local sporting events.

You're right, I should probably celebrate the steps we're taking towards returning to what we once knew in sports prior to last February.

However, that forward motion often gets halted by the jarring reality that an event, usually a major event, has been derailed by a pandemic.

Last week, the Subaru Triathlon Series-Ontario cancelled their entire series of races for 2020.

The cancellation of the series includes the Owen Sound Triathlon-Duathlon Olympic Sprint which was scheduled for September 13th.

The cancellation is disappointing on a number of levels.

First, the cancellation stings and maybe stings more so for Owen Sound because this was to be the FIRST event of its kind in the city.

Second, race day is always a scramble no matter how well prepared the organizers are, and in the case of Owen Sound you can bet the organizers were very well prepared which means all that prep work has gone down the drain.

Or has it ?

Seeking positives, Race Director Greg Nicol admitted having completed the pre-race planning for an event that's not going to happen, in essence, gives them a huge leg up on the organizing of the 2021 race.

Yes, there is a date set and a plan in place to have the 1st ever Owen Sound Subaru Triathlon in September of 2021.

And furthermore when looking for silver linings, Nicol points out the 10th Street Bridge in Owen Sound should be completed which will give the runners and/or bikers, a nice, fresh passage for their competition.

So while construction continues on the 10 Street Bridge, the Owen Sound Subaru Triathlon is bridging from a cancelled 2020 event towards a September 2021 race.


I'm Fred Wallace


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