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By Fred Wallace

Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


It's been a pretty good week.

It started Monday when an interview with Canadian singer-songwriter Kim Mitchell was lined up for me.

What does that have to do with sports ? 

Admittedly, not a whole lot, but I can make the connection.

First, like a lot of athletes, Kim Mitchell is in the entertainment business.

Second, like a lot of athletes, Kim Mitchell gets it.

By that, I mean our interview lasted 6 minutes, but I got the sense that I could have kept him talking in his easy fashion for another 60 minutes.

He told me about his new album; " The Big Fantasize ".

He told me about the distance between album projects, the hesitancy to begin this session and the joy of recording new material.

He told me about the single " Wishes ", how it's a timely song for the moment we're living in today, and how it was purely coincidental since the writing of " Wishes " started a decade ago.

And in a remarkable admission, he told me how every time he hears " Patio Lanterns ", he really wishes he could record it again, believing he could do a better job on what is a Canadian classic.

Which brings me to sports.

Whenever Owen Sound hosts a major provincial or national fastball championship tournament at Duncan McLellan Park, without fail, someone will come up the stairs into the Press Box and request " Patio Lanterns ".

Kim Mitchell talks about sweet but simple things in his single " Wishes ".

Today, I wish the O.A.S.A. was still holding the Under 23 Tournament this weekend in Owen Sound.


I'm Fred Wallace


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