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By Fred Wallace

Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


The 2020 Ontario Senior Lacrosse season has been cancelled..........I think.

I say that based on 50 % of the calls that I received, or made, yesterday.

It started fairly early in the morning with a handful of calls from people connected to the Owen Sound Bug Juice Senior NorthStars, people I totally trust, telling me the coronavirus pandemic has forced the league, and by extension the Senior NorthStars team, to shutter the 2020 season.

Naturally, I called the Bug Juice NorthStars brass, but they offered no comment other than to say any official declaration about the current season would be made by the Ontario Lacrosse Association and not by the NorthStars themselves.

And that's fair. I understand protocol.

I also put in a call to, and got a quick return call from, O.L.A. Senior Commissioner Joe Hiltz out of Peterborough.

We had a fairly lengthy conversation, but Joe's position was similar to the Senior NorthStars, relating essentially that nothing is official until it's officially stated by the OLA.

Commissioner Hiltz did elaborate on a couple of topics;

- there are still options and/or contingency plans on the table for a full Senior season, a half season and possibly for a President's Cup for the National Championship

- there IS a " drop dead date " in place, although he didn't cite the exact date.

- and future meetings for the Canadian Lacrosse Association and the O.L.A. are scheduled for the days ahead.

But the days are progressing swiftly, and in Owen Sound, to the best of my knowledge, no floor time has been officially booked through the city for the Bug Juice Senior NorthStars to utilize any of the venues; be it the Bayshore or the Rec Centre.

Therefore, my sense, or firm belief, is that the 2020 Ontario Lacrosse season for the Bug Juice Senior NorthStars and the other members of that OLA circuit will not take place.


I'm Fred Wallace




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