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The Flamingo Flop


By Fred Wallace

Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


Happy Easter Weekend.

Well, sort of.....

This weekend was supposed to be the beginning for the annual Puppy White Tours junket to Las Vegas.

Scheduled to fly on Sunday morning out of Hamilton, this would have been the 6th annual trip to Las Vegas, an excursion which evolved out of a weekend at Niagara Falls & Buffalo in March of 2008......there's a lot of history here being interrupted.

I know come Monday I'll miss many of the regular aspects connected to the trip;


I'll miss the Flamingo Hotel, especially the pool where I spend the bulk of the week.

I'll miss walking the Vegas strip at 6 am amid the warmth of a rising sun.

And I know too I'll miss lunch at LA Subs, the swings in fortune at the Craps Table and spending the night at the sports bar of Little Caesar's Palace watching sports bet roll in and out.


But maybe, it's for the better.

First of all, nobody is going anywhere in these times, let alone to Las Vegas.

Second, what if we were in Las Vegas when the pandemic broke ? Las Vegas, Nevada is just over 500 miles from San Jose, California which was one of the first hot spots that emerged; and while 500 miles seems like a long distance between spots, we know now that COVID-19 travels extremely quickly.

And a final scenario; what if we had been to Las Vegas, surrounded by hundreds of thousands of worldwide visitors, rather than tucked away here in Owen Sound and Grey County ?

I truly want the world to get healthy, to get back to what once was certain, like the annual Puppy White Tours. But maybe, it's possible that the current scenario of no trip is a better option than the previously planned 2020 trip to Vegas.


I'm Fred Wallace 

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