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At 17


By Fred Wallace

Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


Do you remember being 17 years old ?

For me, that would have been 1977, the first year of the Toronto Blue Jays in Major League Baseball, likely the height of my baseball interest.

Forty some years later, I have fond images of Reggie Jackson, George Brett, Steve Garvey, Dave Parker and many others.

I played baseball in those days, but certainly wasn't good enough to be anywhere near a field where the big leaguers were.

I got thinking about Major League Baseball and being 17 last week during a conversation with Mason Dobie of Meaford.

Dobie is a gifted infielder, primarily a shortstop, who has just returned from Spring Training in Florida where he played for Canada's National Junior Team in a series of exhibition games against big leaguers and aspiring pros.

If I was on the field with a Major Leaguer at 17, I would have yarped. Dobie admits his excitement level was elevated but once the games started it was simply baseball.

Baseball for Mason Dobie, like so many other aspects in our lives, was interrupted recently and has an uncertain short term outlook.

If health and sanity returns to the planet, Dobie will play for the Burlington based Fieldhouse Pirates this Spring & Summer.

How's that for dedication; making a 5 hour round trip from Meaford to the GTA and GHA, for practices and games ?

Further down the road, Mason Dobie will attend the University of Dayton, Ohio on a baseball scholarship.

Obviously, he's pretty jazzed about playing baseball for the U of D Flyers, but sheepishly Mason Dobie admitted he doesn't know exactly what course of study or profession he wants to pursue.

At 17 years of age, who does ?


I'm Fred Wallace

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