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Protesting The Past


By Fred Wallace

Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire "


With time on my hands, I got rummaging in a photo book over the weekend and came across a picture taken exactly 50 years ago on March 23rd, 1970.

The picture was taken at the Brampton Lions Novice Tournament, " Novice " in those days equated to " Atom " in this day and age.

What's unique about this photo is the Midland entry in the picture is an amalgamated team.

Somebody in Midland Minor Hockey got the bright idea to take a handful of boys from the Dorion Sand & Gravel Novice team ( 1959 born ) and combine them with a handful boys in the House League program ( also 1959 ) and then fill out the roster with a handful of boys from the Zeller's Tykes ( 1960 birth ); Tyke being the age group now known as Minor Atom.

What was unique about the tournament was that you played the same team twice in the opening round with total goals scored determining the winner.

So the patched together Midland entry played.....the host team in Brampton fairly early in the morning.

We hung in there but lost 4-0 in the opener.

Then, while the Brampton kids went home, the Midland kids loaded up on beans and wieners in the banquet hall and spent the rest of the day playing road hockey in the parking lot, a game that cost us a goaltender when Mike Jones stepped on Paul Goodine's finger and broke it.

The second game, later that same night, Brampton won again, decisively, making the final 2 game total score....14-2.

The picture brought back good & bad memories and the tournament program also reminded me that the star player for the Brampton entry was a guy named Tim Trimper.

Tim Trimper who went to the Memorial Cup twice with Peterborough, winning the title in 1979.

Tim Trimper who went on to play in the National Hockey League for Chicago & Winnipeg

And Tim Trimper who according to Hockey DB was born September 28th,....1958, which ( if accurate ) means this almost 12 year old kid lit it up against a rag-tag collection of Midland kids, the oldest of whom might have been 4 months younger.

Is it too late to protest the results of a Minor Hockey Tournament staged 50 years ago ?


I'm Fred Wallace

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