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Sudden Death


By Fred Wallace

Hi, this is Fred Wallace " Off the Wire ".


On a night when the Owen Sound Attack were scheduled to host the London Knights, the season was cancelled; the season, one of many casualties of COVID-19.

Casualty is probably the wrong word to use in this case, certainly in light of the dozen Canadians, the hundred Americans and the thousands worldwide who have perished in the pandemic.

OHL Hockey is a game, it's not life and death, and as much as I truly want to watch the OHL, the NHL, Major League Baseball etc, the right decisions are being made, and maybe, truthfully could have been made sooner.

I'll admit, I was puzzled by the length of time it took for the Ontario Hockey League to make the formal announcement.

There was a Governor's Conference Call at 8 am Wednesday morning followed by a Conference Call for all the league General Managers afterwards.

More than 5 hours elapsed before there was a hint of an official announcement.

This, in fairness, also indicates a lack of understanding on my part as to the many complexities that obviously were involved.

- The OHL Priority Selection set for April 4th.

- the potential of a playoff or post season

- what to do with the Memorial Cup this year

- plus, how does this year affect next year's Memorial Cup and bidding process

- and.............

Well, we waited.

When the official confirmation arrived, it was of no surprise. 

With non-essential travel across the Canada-US border and with OHL teams centered in Erie, Flint and Saginaw, it appeared very obvious to me.

And today, it's quite obvious the right choice was made.


I'm Fred Wallace




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