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By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire "


I know people look at me and wonder, " what happened ? ".....or " why is he so unbalanced ? "

The explanation is lengthy but today I'd like to provide a couple of examples from only yesterday, minor events sure, but nonetheless, the sequence and layering of all these obstacles adds up over time.

Speaking of time, Issue # 1 is...... aging.

I woke up on Wednesday morning, very early, started for the station and soon realized I didn't have my wallet. 

I had my watch, my keys and my precious phone, 3 of the 4 necessities of life these days, but not the wallet.

And when you're as frugal ( cheap ) as I am, missing a wallet and not knowing where it might be, creates a crisis.

Oh, I found it but the lingering question remains; how did it get there ?

Issue # 2 is...the Internet.

Once inside the station, somewhat delayed after the wallet search, I looked up the Minto-Ripley Senior Hockey score on the WOAA web wasn't there.

Oh sure, I found the score after a brief Twitter search, but I wonder, why have a web site if you're not going to update it in a timely fashion ?

All of which brings me to OFSAA and the " A " Girls Volleyball Championships at Walkerton & Kincardine.

After the wallet search & the WOAA fiasco, I went to the OFSAA Championships page to get the result for the Quarterfinal game involving the Walkerton Lady Riverhawks.

The page said; " for Playoff here ".

I clicked there and got jerked around for 15 minutes before I gave up.

Half an hour later, I went back and checked " Schedule " rather than " Results " and guess what I found ?!

Which again begs the question, " if you're going to offer a web service,... why not do it right ? "

Which also answers, to a certain degree, the question many ask, ' why is he such a Wingnut ? '


I'm Fred Wallace

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