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Ryan's Return


By Fred Wallace

Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


Periodically, the question is asked, ' Who's the best Owen Sound Plater or Attack of all time ? '

I never have an answer for that.

In my mind, there's all kinds of candidates and the criteria for selecting an absolute best is undefined.

I got thinking about the all time Attack-Platers last week when Bobby Ryan made a fabulous return to the NHL with the Ottawa Senators.

Ryan missed 42 games and 100 days in the joint NHL/NHL Players Association assistance program in order to deal with an alcohol problem and promptly came back & scored a hat trick in his return to action.

How sweet, how truly sweet.

Most significantly, it was good to see Bobby Ryan recognize an issue, deal with it head on and even better to see him back in hockey where he's got 250+ goals in his career.

How many more goals will Bobby Ryan score going forward ?

There's no question his production has dipped from his string of 30 goal seasons, and at age 32, you wonder how many slick moves and accurate shots left in the holster

In the end, will Bobby Ryan outscore Attack alumni and one time teammate Wayne Simmonds at the NHL level ?

Simmonds, a year younger than Ryan, also has 250+ goals, but now is finding his address altered on an almost yearly basis.

Philadelphia-Nashville-New Jersey and now Buffalo in quick succession.

The recent constant movement could be a sign of how highly regarded Wayne Simmonds is. Or it could indicate his goal scoring days are slowing down.

The 5 teams Wayne Simmonds has played for is one less than Andrew Brunette ( actually Brunette played for 7 if you count his 2 stops in Minnesota )

Brunette finished with 268 NHL goals, currently just ahead of Bobby Ryan and Wayne Simmonds.

Do the NHL careers and goal scoring marks for Brunette, Ryan and Simmonds make them the best Platers & Attack members of all time ? 

It certainly puts them in contention.


I'm Fred Wallace

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