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Beating the East


By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


The in and out, up and down and seldom straight ahead Ontario Hockey League season for the Owen Sound Attack continues tonight when they travel to Hamilton to meet the Bulldogs.

Hamilton is 7th in the Eastern Conference. 

Owen Sound is 7th in the Western Conference.

Normally, this is where I would launch into my annual East-West comparison and lament Owen Sound's geography.

And in fairness, I could do that since Owen Sound's 61 points in the tougher Western Conference, which currently has them 7th, would be good for the # 2 seed in the Eastern Conference if.....ahh, you've heard this too many times before.

But also to be fair, looking at the 8 playoff teams at this very second in the Eastern Conference, the Attack are 6 & 11 head to head with those 8 squads which is uncharacteristic of the last decade where Owen Sound has feasted by and large when facing the Eastern Conference teams.

The Attack can salvage their season set with Eastern clubs to a certain extent but they'll need to win tonight and later this week at Mississauga plus March 11th when Barrie makes their final visit

And if anything, points against the East are somewhat critical at this point in this season.

Owen Sound's Magic Number to clinch a playoff berth for the 10th straight year is 7; that is, any combination of Owen Sound wins and/or Sault Ste Marie losses adding up to 7 will allow the Attack to participate in the post season.

And when you consider that of the dozen games remaining on the schedule,  a third of them are against London and Kitchener, suddenly points tonight at Hamilton and Friday at Mississauga for the Attack appear a little more imperative.


I'm Fred Wallace

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