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Seven Month Countdown


By Fred Wallace

Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


January 30th.

February 29th- it's a Leap Year.

March 31st

April 30th

May 31st

June 30th

July 31st 

and August 30th..................


....essentially 7 months to the 11th annual Owen Sound Subaru Bayshore Race.

On Sunday August 30th, the Bayshore Race will be conducted using the Owen Sound Regional Hospital as the start-finish line for the various distances and categories.

This is a beneficial event on many levels

First, funds from the race through entries and donations support the Regional Hospital Foundation.

There's an adage that says the sign of a great town or city is a great hospital.

Second, for the participants, whether you walk, jog, run or crawl, whether you go 5K, 10K or Half Marathon, it's good for you.

I've always believed that if your legs can go, your heart can go, and a heart that's pumping through exercise or activity, is a healthy heart and a healthy you.

Online registration is now open at

Of note, just 2 weeks after the Bayshore Race, the Subaru Triathlon series come to Owen Sound for a stop on September 13th.

The newest triathlon addition to the Subaru Triathlon Series features a sprint and Olympic distance triathlon starting at Kelso Beach Park.

Both the Sprint and Olympic triathlons will have qualifying spots into the 2021 World Triathlon Championships in Bermuda and into the 2021 Multisport Championships in Australia.

Seven months to the Owen Sound Subaru Bayshore Race.

Seven months & 2 weeks to the Subaru Triathlon Series stop at Kelso Beach.


I'm Fred Wallace


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