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Velocity Runs Out Of Steam


By Fred Wallace

Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


The 2020 Ontario Senior Lacrosse season will commence in late April-early May.

We know what some things will look like when the season arrives, yet many other aspects are up in the air.

Let's start with the uncertainties....

The KW Velocity after a half decade of trying, will try no more and have ceased operations.

There will be a dispersal draft on Sunday

And here's a thought; with no residency rules, do you need a dispersal draft ?

Next, with KW departing, what does that do to the schedule for the 5 remaining teams  ?

Most likely it means there will be a balanced 16 game schedule were everybody meets each other twice; home & away.

There are pros & cons of course.

The pro is that a balanced schedule creates the most accurate, and fairest, determination of who finishes where in the regular season.

The con is a balanced schedule, from an Owen Sound standpoint, likely means an extra jaunt to Ennismore, which adds an expense in a league were expenses are watched tightly.

Now for what we do know.......

First, the coaching staff of the Owen Sound Bug Juice Senior NorthStars will return as a whole; Mark Kazarian, Phil Dempsey and Keith Peer.

Peer will also continue to act as the NorthStars' General Manager with assistance from Randy Jackson and Andy Barfoot in managerial duties.

We don't know everything, but we do know the 2020 Senior Lacrosse season for the Owen Sound Bug Juice NorthStars is drawing closer.


I'm Fred Wallace

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