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NFL Divisional Round Picks


By Fred Wallace

 The National Football League is down to 8 teams; 4 in the NFC, 4 remaining in the AFC.


Last weekend at the William Hill Sports Book I bet Buffalo-Houston " under ", New England to win over Tennessee by 6, Minnesota to beat the spread against New Orleans which was 8 & Philadelphia in a " Pick 'Em " over Seattle.


Those of you that are very observant will note my final picks at Vegas were not the picks I set out to make.


I thought Buffalo would beat the spread but read a convincing essay that indicated " Under " was the way to go, and it turned out to be profitable.


New England was less profitable when Tom Brady ( a.k.a. The G.O.A.T. ) couldn't find the house twice inside the red zone.


Initially, I leaned towards New Orleans, but again a convincing article suggested Minnesota against the spread was the better pick and it was right....with a lot of luck.


And finally, I should have stayed with my original call of Seattle, but something told me the Eagles at home might be the better wager, and it might have been had Carson Wentz stayed in the game for Philly.


All of which brings me to this weekend;


Saturday I'll take San Francisco by 7 over Minnesota and while Baltimore should win, I'm taking Tennessee to beat the 10 point spread.


Then on Sunday, I'll take the favorites; Kansas City by 10 over Houston and Green Bay by 4 over Seattle.......unless I change my mind.

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