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The End


By Fred Wallace

Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


Today is a great day; the day I formally announce my retirement from 560 CFOS, from Bayshore Broadcasting and from the radio industry in general, an industry where I have been joyfully employed since 1982.

...........or that was the plan.

Unfortunately, I went to Las Vegas with Reid-McArthur Tours last weekend, and as of this moment, I'm broke and can't afford a bag of M & M's, let alone retirement.

Oh sure, I had a good time last weekend.

I saw two extremely exciting NHL games at T-Mobile Arena featuring the Vegas Golden Knights hosting the Philadelphia Flyers & St Louis Blues.

And the cost for those two events were reasonable based on my budgets, as were the 3 nights at the Flamingo and the flight via Swoop airlines from Hamilton to Vegas and back.

No, it was the little extras that broke the bank......

LA Subs, Smash Burger, Tiger Wok & DiFara Pizza......

Budweiser, Michelob, Schlitz & Miller Lite from my good friend, Roberto.....

Limos, cabs & buses.....

The Carnaval Court, The Beer Haus, the MGM Park and the Piano Bar at Harrah's.

Plus, in Las Vegas did you know you can gamble & make sports wagers ?

The Craps Table & thanks for nothing Washington Capitals, LA Clippers & Buffalo Bills !!!

And speaking of M & M's; remarkably a bag of the product in possession of one the tour members nearly torpedoed the entire junket just outside T-Mobile.

So it's back to work for another day, another week, another month, another year, or longer, in the radio industry.

But honestly, if you're going to bust your nest egg, a Reid-McArthur Travel package to Las Vegas is a good way to blow it. 


I'm Fred Wallace






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