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There Must Be A Logical Reason


By Fred Wallace

Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


The Trade Deadline for the Ontario Hockey League is upon us.

The deadline to make a transaction involving overage players, those born in 1999, is tomorrow at noon.

The deadline for deals involving players born later than 1999 is Friday at noon.

I've wondered for quite some time now why it's January 9th & 10th, seemingly set in stone, for the deadlines. Why not the 2nd Tuesday & Wednesday of January each year rather than a specific date ?

I'm sure there's a logical reason, but there's also the potential for calamity with the deadlines set for the 9th & 10th this year

Using the Attack as an example, the possibility exists that a player, overage or otherwise, may start a weekend trip to Peterborough-Kingston & Ottawa this weekend and not finish it with the club.

It's happened before.

The most illustrious sequence of deadline day transaction transpired in January of 1998.

The Owen Sound Platers were on their way to a 3 day road swing, Thursday through Sunday, at North Bay, at Sudbury and at Sault Ste Marie.

When the bus pulled into the parking lot at North Bay, a rental car was waiting. Ryan Davis got off the bus, jumped in the rental and backtracked 2 hours to Orillia.

Four hours after arriving in North Bay, Mike Dombkiewicz of the Guelph Storm popped up of the rental car upon its return to North Bay.

Then it got even more twisted.

First, the Platers were pounded 10-2 that night at North Bay.

The next day, the Platers traded Kyle Dafoe to Sudbury which meant that Dafoe woke up with his Plater teammates, was informed of the deal, ate lunch with the team in North Bay at a table by himself, boarded the Plater bus for an awkward 90 minute drive to Sudbury, walked across the rink and then competed for the Wolves against the Platers that night.

It was a very strange scenario, one  that I think could have been avoided entirely with a trade deadline that had a Monday-Tuesday or Tuesday-Wednesday timeline rather than a set-in-stone January 9th & 10th.


I'm Fred Wallace

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