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The Gridiron Prevails


By Fred Wallace

 As I sit here in Las Vegas, Nevada, I am reminded yet again of who is king when it comes to sports in the United States.


My usual routine generally finds me sequestered at Caesar's Palace in the sports bar watching my sports bets roll in, or more often blow up.


Regardless, when I come to Las Vegas in April during the NHL Playoffs, I mostly have the place to myself.


In early January, with the NFL Playoffs set to commence tomorrow, my understanding is there's a hefty fee at Caesar's for a seat in the lounge, the very same seat I sit for free in come April.


It's the ultimate example of supply & demand.


Regardless, the National Football League has 2 playoff games tomorrow and 2 more games on Sunday.


The AFC Wild Card games go tomorrow with Buffalo at Houston & Tennessee at New England


On Sunday it's the NFC that has the games with Minnesota at New Orleans & Seattle at Philadelphia.


San Francisco, Baltimore, Kansas City & Green Bay all have first round byes and will play next weekend against the winners of the games this weekend.


My bets this weekend are for the following to beat the spreads; Buffalo, New England, New Orleans & Seattle.


I'll make my bets in Las Vegas....I'm just not sure where I'll watch the games.


Have a great weekend.

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