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Off To Vegas


By Fred Wallace

 There are many ways to travel the world, and for the most part, I've done my travelling in groups.


Through Hanover Holidays, YMT Tours and CFOS, I've been to the Caribbean, Hawaii, Alaska, Ireland, Nashville and almost across the Canada with Newfoundland scheduled for this summer.


On a smaller group travel note, I've also gone once a year for a decade with Puppy White Tours; first to Niagara Falls-Buffalo which then evolved into an annual Las Vegas trip about 6 years ago.


And on one previous occasion, I went with Reid-McArthur Tours for a 3 day excursion that centered around 2 Attack OHL games and an Ottawa Senators NHL Home Game.


Truthfully, the highlight of the Ottawa trip was skating on the Rideau Canal on a most frigid February day where survival was as significant as the Senators win later that night.


Maybe against my better judgment, I'm taking a 2nd Reid-McArthur trip today through the weekend to Las Vegas to witness some NHL history.


Wilbur McArthur, the vaunted king of scaffolding and prominent hockey official, has been to 30 NHL arenas over the course of time and only needs to see a Golden Knights home game to complete his NHL set.


Tonight when the Knights host the Philadelphia Flyers, Wilbur and his travelling companions will be in Suite 44 watching the game and to a certain extent making travel history.


Almost everyone at the event will be decked out in the unmistakable colors of the Golden Knights...except me.


I'll be wearing a vintage Philadelphia Flyers jersey, # 27, to honour former Attack coach and current Vegas coaching staff member Ryan McGill


Have a great weekend- I will.

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