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The Hair Cut


By Fred Wallace

Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


I'm not sure you can tell from the radio, but I got my hair cut recently.

It was a fabulous trim administered by Bill " The Barber " Simpson.

Equally as enjoyable as the finished product is the sports talk we engage during the session.

In the recent case, the shop was surprisingly vacant of the usual assortment of loiterers, so it was just Bill & I and very quickly we got into fastball.

While there's been no confirmation, the ultimate source for fastball news in the region relates that Owen Sound will be the host for the Ontario Amateur Softball Association Under 23 tournament in July to be staged at Duncan McLellan Park in Owen Sound.

Owen Sound also tabled a bid to host the 2020 Canadian Under 23 Championship Tournament, attempting to maintain & build on a remarkable sequence of successful Softball Canada Championships over most of the last two decades.

But alas, it was decreed that Ottawa would be the host centre for that tournament and Owen Sound was shutout.

Or were they ?

A quick check of the Softball Canada website indicates all but 2 Championship Tournament sites have been determined, but the Under 23 along with the Men's and Masters events are listed as having " bids pending ".

Maybe it's as simple as someone not updating a web site ( goodness knows I deal with THAT every stinking day )......or maybe something is afoot, maybe a snag in the Ottawa scenario and maybe, just maybe, Softball Canada will come back to Owen Sound in the Summer of 2020, back to a ballpark, to a host committee and host centre where they've had nothing but success through the years.


I'm Fred Wallace


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