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The 80% Theory


By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


Last Thursday was Thanksgiving Day in the United States which meant we did our annual survey of the National Hockey League Standings.

The adage that persists is that 80 % of the National Hockey League teams in a playoff spot as of US Thanksgiving make the playoffs come April.

In the Eastern Conference, as of last Thursday, Washington, the Islanders & Pittsburgh were 1-2-3 in the Metropolitan Division.

They would be joined by the top 3 in the Atlantic Division; Boston, Florida and.........Toronto who had won 3 in a row as of Thursday to grab 3rd place.

The 2 Wild Card teams as of Thursday were Carolina & Philadelphia, both of whom had more points than either Florida or Toronto.

In the Western Conference, the top 3 in the Central Division last Thursday were; St Louis, Dallas & Winnipeg.

From the Pacific Division, Edmonton, Arizona and Vancouver were in place.

From a Wild Card standpoint, Colorado was in place while the Vegas Golden Knights and Calgary were tied in points for the final West Wild card.

This is pretty good news, certainly for Leaf fans who after the 6-0 blowout win at Detroit were certain Toronto would run the table for the remainder of the season.

And it's good news for Rogers and the CBC as I count 4 Canadian teams in a playoff spot and Calgary, technically, just on the perimeter.

Today is December 2nd.

The NHL season ends April 4th.

That's almost 4 full months of NHL Hockey in front of us to determine whether the 80% theory is accurate again this season.


I'm Fred Wallace




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