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US Thanksgiving


By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


It's Thanksgiving Weekend in the United States and you've got to hand it to the Americans, when it comes to celebrating this annual holiday, they do it so much better than Canada.

TWO week days off heading INTO the weekend- that's shrewd planning on somebody's part.

The Americans also mark the holiday by presenting 3 National Football League games; the annual contests in Detroit and Dallas this afternoon and then later tonight, New Orleans at Atlanta.

No matter how much your family gets on your nerves, there's nothing like football from noon to midnight to serve as a pleasant distraction.

US Thanksgiving Weekend is also a significant date for the National Hockey League.

Yes, there are games this weekend, but remarkably, statistics indicate almost 80 % of the NHL teams in a playoff position at the end of this weekend will also be in a playoff position come April.

I find it curious that in less than 2 months of hockey, teams will have either played their way in or out of a playoff spot with more than 4 months of the season remaining.

For American Thanksgiving Thursday, I'm off to Meaford where the Knights are hosting the West Nippissing Lynx in the Greater Metro Junior Hockey League.

There will be no turkey served but tonight is " Break The Ice Night " , spotlighting mental health awareness, plus it's pivotal for both teams in the North Division standings.

Happy American Thanksgiving.


I'm Fred Wallace


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