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Sorry, Hamilton


By Fred Wallace

 The Owen Sound Attack are in Windsor this weekend with cross boarder trips to Michigan.


I like being in these regions because it's almost a world apart.


For example, I have passing interest in the National Football League, but I'm not a fanatic. 


However, I can tell you that the 3-6 & 1 Detroit Lions and the NFL will be prominently discussed and their game at Washington will garner discussion for the next 7 days.


Then there's College Football.


On an annual basis, I don't watch 1 second of NCAA College Football. I have no interest.


However, in fairness, if I mentioned the Grey Cup Game to any citizen of Windsor or a resident of Michigan, could they tell me the CFL Championship is Sunday at Calgary ?


Could they tell me it's Hamilton against Winnipeg ?


I doubt it, and I certainly doubt they could tell me this is the first Winnipeg-Hamilton Grey Cup matchup since 1984- of course in fairness, I had to look that up.


Who do I like in the Grey Cup ? Winnipeg.


Sure, as a resident of Ontario, I'll be rooting for the Tiger-Cats, but Winnipeg's road to the final has been on the road with wins at Calgary and Regina and now they go BACK to Calgary for the CFL Final.


For that reason alone, I'll say Winnipeg as I spend the weekend in Windsor & Michigan, hoping the Attack can pick up some wins and get back to Owen Sound for the 2nd half of the Grey Cup Game.

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