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Frotenacs Win...


By Fred Wallace

 Saturday, for just the second time in the Ontario Hockey League season, the Kingston Frontenacs won a game.


Not only that, they won it on the road, in Owen Sound.


Before we get to the Attack, let's give Kingston credit.


First, their goaltender Ryan Dugas was very good, and he has to be on a nightly basis, as their record suggests.


Second, at no time when adversity popped up, or it appeared the tides of fate would turn against Kingston, did the Frontenacs break.


The win won't spark a miracle turnaround for Kingston, not in my opinion, but they did deserve what they earned Saturday night against the Attack.


Put simply, Owen Sound was flat, especially on any number of glorious scoring chances in the early going.


But.....and you'll think I'm an Attack apologist when I say this; the Schedulemaker didn't do Owen Sound any favors, having them play at Barrie Thursday and at Guelph Friday before coming home to meet Kingston on Saturday.


I get that 3 in 3 is a part of OHL life for virtually every team, but the issue to me was the territory covered by Owen Sound during the 3 in 3.


Thursday; 2 hour trip to Barrie, lose a a game, 2 hour trip home.


Friday; 2 hour trip to Guelph, lose in overtime, 2 hour trip home


In essence, Owen Sound travelled 8 hours & played 2 games ( that they lost ) before getting home ice advantage against Kingston which I maintain was no advantage since Kingston played less games and essentially travelled the same distance the night before their encounter in Owen Sound.


For a great or good Owen Sound team, the schedule doesn't matter.


But in years like this when Owen Sound appears to be an average outfit, a sequence of games like that can be a negative factor.


Again, I stress; Kingston earned the win Saturday, the Attack deserved the loss....but the Schedulemaker may have had a tiny role in the outcome.

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