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Semifinal Shuffled


By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


Winter conditions and a snow covered playing surface have forced a change in locations for the CWOSSA Football Semifinal tomorrow.

The game which was scheduled for Victoria Park in Owen Sound will now be played on the turf at Jacob Hespeler High School in Cambridge.

The Bluewater Champion St Mary's Mustangs will meet St David catholic School tomorrow afternoon at 1 pm

Regardless of where the game is staged, it represents a significant challenge for the St Mary's Mustangs

St Mary's did roll through an undefeated season in Bluewater Football, but the margin of victory in many cases, was tight.

With the Bluewater Championship in hand and an opponent from District 8 on the horizon, the Mustangs brass went off to see St David defeat St Benedict and came away duly impressed.

When asked about St David, the list of positives from the pre-scout was lengthy.

- Faster and tougher competition than most Bluewater opponents

- open style of play with wide spreads that give the option of both passing & running

- aggressive defenders

None of the above necessarily surprised the St Mary's scouts. 

Bigger schools and bigger centres honestly create more opportunity; more opportunity for Spring & Summer Football, more selection of top athletes for the skill positions and based on size, more athletes to provide greater depth.

Regardless, St Mary's will conclude their preparation today and meet St David tomorrow knowing they have to execute in all 3 phases of the game; on offence, on defence, and on special teams. They know that even a tiny error can create a major swing in the game.

And ironically, the Mustangs may be well suited for this type of adversity based on their season in which they went undefeated but certainly didn't cruise, therefore should be battle hardened for tomorrow's playoff game now scheduled to be played in Cambridge


I'm Fred Wallace


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