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By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


It's Remembrance Day and while I only know war through my radio, television and from the movies, on an annual basis I do have a couple of consistent thoughts & memories.

First my Grandparents.....

My Grandfather Wallace, who I never knew, was the Lighthouse Keeper at Hope Island for years and through my Grandmother, Pearl Ann Wallace, I heard her vivid memory.

After closing the lighthouse for the winter months in the Fall of 1918, their boat came around Midland Point on November 11th, and they could hear the factory whistles blaring in the town, and they also heard the excited, happy, shouts of people on the shoreline, a true indication to my Grandmother, who told me this tale in 1982 with a faraway look in her eyes, that the War was over.

That was World War 1.

My second reminder is connected to World War II and a fascinating story about a Major League Ball Player from nearby Penetanguishene.

Pitcher Phil " Babe " Marchildon  won 17 games in 1942 and then won 19 more in 1947  for a dreadful Philadelphia Athletics team.

In between, during World War II, Marchildon served in the Royal Canadian Air Force as a tail gunner in a Halifax bomber.

He was shot down and taken as a prisoner of war in Germany for the final 9 months of the war....... 

....Imagine. I really can't

I've read his book " Babe " several times, along with a great magazine account penned by Paul Rimstead, and the account of Phil Marchildon's story is familiar reading, but thankfully,  the world that he. and the world my Grandparents, lived in, is very foreign to me.

Lest We Forget


I'm Fred Wallace

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