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Winter Arrives


By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Of the Wire ".


It's pretty much official, Winter is technically here.

I know this because of the events of last Friday morning.

First, as I opened the door to greet the day, the day greeted me with wet snow and a mini flurry.

Then when I arrived in the shop, there was the schedule for the Brokerlink Insurance Grey Bruce Major Curling League.

When you add 1 + 1, you get Winter.

The Brokerlink Grey Bruce Major Curling League commences tonight with 4 games at the Port Elgin Curling Club.

There are ten teams in the loop this year and it's significant that they represent such a wide range of geography and so many curling clubs in the region

Port Elgin, Tara, Chesley, Paisley, Walkerton, Wiarton, Hanover & Kincardine are all home base for the various entries.

It's significant too, that many of the skip names are recognizable through their accomplishments through the years, and equally important is the arrival of new rinks skipped by Pete Newton of Kincardine and Adam Alpaugh out of Tara.

The ten rinks will play a 9 week sequence of Wednesday night games at various clubs in Grey Bruce conducting a true round robin.

The top 8 teams will advance to the playoff round which commences on January 22nd in Hanover & Walkerton for the Quarterfinals, moves to Chesley for the Semifinals January 29th and then climaxes with the Championship Game February 5th at Tara 

Top prize this year is $ 1,200 and while the money is nice, of equal importance is the week-to-week matches through the year that keep the 10 teams sharp for their various bonspiels and OCA events.

Winter is technically here and the first rock in the Brokerlink Insurance Grey Bruce Major Curling League goes tonight at 8 at the Port Elgin Curling Club.


I'm Fred Wallace

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