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The Promise of Future Glory


By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


I pulled Ed Arnold's " Showtime " off my book shelf the other day and read it for about the 10th time.

It's a fascinating insiders account on the Peterborough Petes during the 2012-13 Ontario Hockey League season.

Among the interesting passages is the prevalent theory that a struggling OHL team can trade current " stars " for younger prospects, draft picks and the promise of future glory.

In " Showtime ", the floundering Petes traded JF Menard, Alan Quine and captain Slater Koekkoek in 3 separate transactions at the trade deadline that year.

That season, the Petes missed the playoffs by 1 point, and then with the assets they acquired in the various deals, they promptly finished 6th, 8th & 6th in the following three seasons......

Hindsight is seldom wrong, but I've never subscribed to the theory that dealing for the future is a guarantee for a better future, and the Petes results in that 3 year span, to me, confirm my belief.

In fact, as I read that passage again, I got thinking ' who's done what through the years ? '

So what I did was take a 10 year sample dating back to the 2009-10 OHL season, and assign a point for each placing in the standings.

If you finished 1st you got 1 point; if you finished 10th, you got 10 points and thus, the lower your accumulated 10 year tally was, the more successful you were/are as an organization.

I knew without doing the math that London would be # 1, and they were with an aggregate score of 32. No other team was in the 30's, and we can save the various factors for that for another day.

Four teams landed in the mid 40's; Kitchener, Barrie, Oshawa & Sault Ste Marie. What was interesting in the 10 year span was the difference between Kitchener, almost always in the top 5, and Barrie who missed the playoffs 3 times but were in the Top 3 in the Eastern Conference 6 times.

We could also do the ever popular East-West comparison, but we'll save that for another day as well.

We won't talk about star power here, but we could. 

Looking at Erie who had a score of 58, we see the Otters score was bolstered significantly by the McDavid-DeBrincat-Strome years in which they went 3rd-2nd-1st & 1st in a 4 year span.

The Owen Sound Attack had the 4th lowest score in the Western Conference and 8th best OHL score at 50. Considering the Attack started with a " 9 " in 2010, if I do this project a year from now, their position would be/should be even better.

Like ratings for radio, you can twist these numbers any number of ways and come to all kinds of conclusions, but the 10 year compilation of final standings year by year in the OHL do exemplify whose done what over the last decade.


I'm Fred Wallace




Western Conference

London 2-8-1-1-4-3-3-4-5-1 = 32

Kitchener 3-3-3-4-9-6-4-6-2-5 = 45

Sault Ste Marie 5-10-9-6-2-1-7-2-1-3 = 46

Owen Sound 9-1-6-3-7-5-6-3-4-6 = 50

Erie 8-5-10-10-3-2-1-1-9-9 = 58

Windsor 1-4-8-9-5-10-5-5-6-8 = 61

Saginaw 6-2-5-8-6-8-8-9-8-2 = 62

Guelph 7-7-7-5-1-4-10-10-7-4 = 62

Plymouth/Flint 4-6-2-2-8--9-9-7-10-10 = 67

Sarnia 10-9-4-7-10-7-2-8-3-7 = 67



Eastern Conference

Barrie 1-10-3-2-4-2-2-10-2-9 = 45

Oshawa 9-4-8-3-1-1-8-3-5-3 = 45

Niagara 7-3-1-6-7-5-4-8-4-2 = 47

Brampton/North Bay 5-6-4-4-2-3-3-9-6-7 = 49

Ottawa 2-2-2-10-10-4-5-7-8-1 = 51

Kingston 4-5-10-7-3-6-1-4-3-10 = 53

Mississauga 3-1-6-8-8-9-7-2-7-5 = 56

Belleville/Hamilton 10-8-7-1-9-7-9-5-1-8 = 65

Peterborough 6-9-9-9-6-8-6-1-9-6 = 69

Sudbury 8-7-5-5-5-10-10-6-10-4 = 70


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