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The Crowded Stage


By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire. "


Did I not call this ?!

Game 7 of a truly unique World Series climaxed Wednesday night and by yesterday morning, Washington's Major League Championship wasn't buried among the sports news, but it certainly had my view too much company

I'm certain in pockets of North America, including here, The World Series was the # 1 sports story.

But rather than having plenty of space and leg room, the sports news was crammed

For example, we devoted space to announce a Softball Canada award for Williamsford pitcher Owen Torrie, in fact he got as much air time as Stephen Strasburg, the MVP of the World Series.

Toronto has a Major League Baseball team, ( okay you can debate that if you want ) but even in Toronto would the Nationals have been front page news ?

Actually on the TSN web site, their top story was Toronto FC advancing to the MLS Cup.

And also in the mix, the Raptors won their third straight beating former coach Dwane Casey & the Detroit Pistons.

Furthermore, the Leafs are always a candidate for sports talk....especially when they're not winning with the regularity that was projected.

In these parts, the Attack overtime loss to Flint was prominent, while the Collingwood Colts overtime loss I'm sure was a topic of discussion around the Blue Mountains

And what about in Meaford where the Knights were about to embark on a sequence of 4 road games on 4 consecutive days ?

The World Series was big news, no question, but based on the length of the season in this day & age plus considering the prolonged nature of championship baseball, the Major League's biggest event had to share the stage with so many other sports competing for eyeballs and dollars rather than having that stage all to themselves as in days gone by.


I'm Fred Wallace


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