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The Road To OFSAA


By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


I was driving down the St Mary's Hill the other day and noticed the Lady Mustangs were holding an after-school rugby practice on a nice afternoon.

A similar scene was likely being played on fields and in gyms throughout the Bluewater Athletic Association.

I'm sure if you motored through Lion's Head, Meaford, Flesherton, Hanover, Kincardine, Wiarton, Walkerton, or Saugeen Shores you'd likely see all kinds of high school student athletes preparing for the Fall Sports season in Bluewater.

High School Athletics have a very distinct chain of elevation.

First in terms of school size, the 11 Bluewater schools, based on size, feature five " A " schools, five " AA " schools + Owen Sound District which is a " AAA " school.

From the melting pot of Bluewater competition, if you're successful you're streamed to a CWOSSA Championship and if you're REALLY successful you'll find yourself at an OFSAA Championship.

I did a quick check this week of OFSAA Championships in our broadcast region for the school calendar and I found three.

Naturally, the Alpine Skiing is almost an annual fixture at Blue Mountain, being hosted this year by Jean Vanier on February 24th & 25th,

Beyond that, the OFSAA Girls' A Volleyball Championship will be staged at Walkerton Community School, hosted by the Riverhawks from March 9th to 11th.

And finally late in the school sporting calendar, the OFSAA " A-AA " Boys Field Lacrosse Championship will be hosted by the St Mary's Mustangs June 1st & 2nd, I presume at the Kiwanis Complex.

School is in and the path from Bluewater Athletics to the OFSAA Championship is now underway.


I'm Fred Wallace


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