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Divisions Decided


By Fred Wallace

Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


It's essentially mid-September, a pivotal time for key head-to-head series in Major League Baseball.

All 30 teams played last night......and by my calculations, none of those games could be deemed as pivotal.

Checking the standings, most of the divisional races have been decided.

In the American League, the Yankees in the East & Houston in the West had extremely healthy leads, the kind of leads you don't blow in the final 20 days of the season.

The leads in the National League are similar, if not larger in the case of the LA Dodgers who clinched the West Division championship last night with a win at Baltimore.

Meanwhile Atlanta looks to be as sure a thing as the Yankees and Astros in their divisions.

You can argue that there are races in the two Central divisions. However, both the Indians and Cubs will really have to dangle to surpass the Twins and Cardinals respectively.

Just for giggles, I revised the divisions in Major League Baseball, eliminating the Central Division and dispersing those teams to either the East or West based on the geography of the United States.

It made a minor difference, for the American League.

The Yankees are cruising in my Fantasy East while Houston's lead would be 6 over Minnesota in my West Division.

Shifting Atlanta from the East to the West in my Fantasy National League, it would put the Braves 3 back of the Dodgers while in the new-look East, the shifted St Louis Cardinals would lead Washington by 2 & 1/2 games

Regardless of how I realign my Major League Baseball divisions, it appears our 6 division winners are virtually set today and the remaining days in the season will only confirm the 4 Wild Card teams. 


I'm Fred Wallace

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