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By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


Is it fair to call a large majority of sports fans " front runners " ?

By that, I mean folks that are relatively indifferent to sports until such time as they recognize a winner and jump on the bandwagon.

For example, how many of you specifically tuned in on Saturday to watch Mississauga teenager Bianca Andreescu go against the vaunted Serena Williams in the US Open Women's Final ?

By comparison, a year ago, how many of you watched any women's tennis or had even heard of Andreescu who, for the record, was eliminated in the opening round of qualifying last year before rocketing up the rankings this year ?

It's not just tennis.

Late last winter and through the Spring, how many times did someone start a sentence with, " I don't usually watch basketball, but......."

The Raptors thrilling ride to the NBA title was compelling, so compelling that non-basketball watchers couldn't get their updates fast enough.

Admittedly, I'm among the frontrunners.

I skipped my nap Saturday to watch the US Open Women's Final. Plus, I'd be hard pressed to tell you much about the Raptors history before Game 7 of the Philadelphia series last year.

Yet there I was.

So I wonder, if the Blue Jays get some quality pitching, combined with the early showings of some of their young prospects and their hopeful projection, will we be front-running with the Blue Jays at this time next year ?

It's possible. 

Everybody loves a winner as illustrated in 2019 by Bianca Andreescu and the Raptors.


I'm Fred Wallace




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