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By Fred Wallace

 Watching the Ontario Hockey League over 30 years, you understand that you're watching young players playing in Ontario's elite hockey program.


What lies beneath though is the fact you might be watching somebody you'll be reading at some point in the future.


As it stands now, to the best of my knowledge, the Owen Sound Platers can boast two authors, both with the same first name, albeit, the spelling of that first name varies.


Sean Avery wrote an autobiography called " Ice Capades " or " Offside ", depending on which side of the Canada-US border you purchased it on.


I've read it, and rather enjoyed it, although there are precious few references to his days in Owen Sound.


More recently another former Plater, defender Shawn Krueger published a book called " The Cabin Shadows ".


" The Cabin Shadows " has very little to do with hockey, the sport does get mentioned here & there, but the text relates a fictional encounter between a guy named David Krieg and supernatural beings who inhabit Northern Quebec at a fishing location known as " Camp Camaradie. "


I'm not a science fiction guy at all, but Shawn Krueger gives you just enough hints, just enough angles in the passages to keep you guessing and get you hooked to see exactly where these strange occurrences lead David Krieg and his fishing pals.


Sean Avery played almost 600 NHL games, many of them eventful, so it was natural for him to write a hockey book and interestingly, some of the stories he relates border of science fiction.


Shawn Krueger played 100+ games in the OHL and attended an NHL Training Camp before settling into a life that now includes being a local author.


I wonder if Shawn Krueger will ever write a hockey book, because there's a sequence of great stories from his days on skates that are definitely non-fiction.

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