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Brantford Bound


By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


With the Ontario Senior Lacrosse Semifinal between the Owen Sound Bug Juice NorthStars and the Six Nations Rivermen heading to a climatic weekend, I should talk about that series.

I should.....but I'm not sure I want to.

This week has been a back & forth utter fiasco, that may not be completely over.

As the world knows, the two teams were involved in a nasty skirmish late in Game 1 and the fallout has been ongoing.

The finger pointing between Owen Sound & Six Nations, ( or Six Nations and Owen Sound- take your pick ), over who was responsible for the initial incident was petty at times, amusing at times, but at all times, it was a waste of time.

For their part, Ontario Series Lacrosse and the Ontario Lacrosse Association communicated with both teams, and nobody else.

That's their right, .....but for a sport that's cried perpetually for decades about getting expanded coverage, going silent on an visible issue like this one certainly doesn't endear you to the media, nor the fans, all of whom want, need & deserve an update.

The OLA mandated that home games for Six Nations be shifted to Brantford.

As you can imagine, the Rivermen balked at that decree, but now, apparently, have capitulated with word the game tonight, and Game 5 if needed, will in fact be staged at Brantford.

Was there an official release ?

Nope. Just a quick phone confirmation from the NorthStars quite early this morning.

The OLA caught heat from every corner and now it seems we're off to Brantford tonight for Game 3 of a best of 5 that's tied 1-1.

Rightfully, I'd love to talk about the game & the series, based on the events of this week, I'm almost too exasperated to care.


I'm Fred Wallace

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