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Fourth Round Roulette


By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


It's time to play one of my favorite games; I call it " The Floating 4th Rounder. "

Do you remember this game ?

On August 10th last year, the Owen Sound Attack made an Ontario Hockey League transaction with the Oshawa Generals.

Owen Sound acquired netminder Nathan Torchia from the Generals in exchange for a CONDITIONAL 7th rounder, a pick the Attack had acquired in a previous deal with North Bay.

The " condition " in the Owen Sound-Oshawa deal was that if Nathan Torchia was with the Attack at a certain date in time, likely January 1st, or maybe January 10th, whatever, then the pick for Oshawa would be elevated to Owen Sound's 4th rounder in 2020.

Well, Nathan Torchia backed up Mack Guzda for the Attack on Opening Night last year at Barrie, never seeing time in the crease......and that was it, Torchia was released that weekend without ever stopping a puck in regulation time for Owen Sound.

This is where the game gets fun.....

Oshawa made a deal with the Sarnia Sting on November 28th to acquire Anthony Salinitri and part of the package Sarnia received was Owen Sound's 4th in 2020, which Oshawa technically didn't have possession of or the right to peddle.

It gets better......

At the OHL Trade Deadline on January 10th, Sarnia acquired Anthony Tabak from the Sudbury Wolves, and GUESS what was in the package going to Sudbury ?.........You're right; Owen Sound's 4th rounder in 2020.

Somewhere along the line, Owen Sound clued in and squawked.

Suddenly, Sudbury was getting calls about returning the pick, I assume from Oshawa, if not the OHL, which Sudbury was more than happy to do, reportedly, as long as the Wolves were compensated with a 2nd and 3rd round pick for their trouble.

Nice try Sudbury, but no dice.

The Attack now say they have been compensated with a 4th round pick in 2020 from the Flint Firebirds, a pick that was acquired by Oshawa and then flipped to Owen Sound.

I'm willing to believe this............except I can't find any listing of an Oshawa-Flint transaction on the OHL web page, plus the spreadsheet I utilize to track draft pick possession still has Flint holding their own 4th rounder.

So, " The Floating 4th Rounder Roulette " game continues.


I'm Fred Wallace




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