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In Praise of Kitchener


By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


Fairly or unfairly, we don't often give props to Kitchener in this space.

The biggest factor is 3 decades of head-to-head encounters with the Rangers of the Ontario Hockey League, and maybe even a longer stretch of head-to-head matchups in fastball for Owen Sound against the Twins.

But let me say two things today;

First, I had an opportunity to speak last week with a guy who's connected to both the Owen Sound & Kitchener OHL operations, a guy whose family is dealing with some significant health issues these days, and a guy who was extremely grateful to receive a " CARE " package from the Rangers even though, in his words, his link to the Kitchener club is minimal at the moment.

And next, I saw last week that the International Softball Congress awarded Kitchener Fastball Promotions the hosting rights for the 2021 ISC World Tournament.

This marks the 6th time Kitchener will host the World Tournament at the Peter Hallman Ball Yard which is a terrific complex that is a staggering example of foresight and creative vision.

Of greater significance, 2021 marks the 75th anniversary of the ISC World Tournament and it's a terrific testament to the city of Kitchener and to the Fastball Promotions Group that they've been entrusted to be the host for such a milestone event.

I don't think I'll ever be an ambassador for the city of fact, I doubt they'd ever consider me for such a position, but you've got to admit between goodwill gestures from the OHL Rangers and the massive responsibility of hosting North America's most prestigious fastball event, the good people of Kitchener are doing some things extremely well and should be commended for it.


I'm Fred Wallace


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