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Game 7


By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire. "


So, it all comes down to this, a sometimes wacky but certainly eventful National Hockey League Post Season comes down to 1 game.

For the 17th time in the history of the Championship Trophy, the NHL Final has progressed to a one game showdown for Lord Stanley.

The Championship Series somewhat mirrors the uneven pattern of the entire playoff run.

Before Boston & St Louis were the last 2 standing; The Hurricanes stunned the defending champion Capitals, the Sharks shocked Vegas in the final period before winning in overtime, plus Columbus, the Islanders, Dallas & Colorado posted what would be considered upset victories.

Then came the final.......

Boston in Game 1, 4-2.

The Blues 3-2 in overtime in Game 2.

The Bruins routed the Blues 7-2 at St Louis.

St Louis struck early and late to Win Game 4 by a 4-2 count.

In Boston, the Bruins fell on home ice 2-1 to face elimination

& In St Louis, the Blues failed to nail it down on home ice, losing 5-1, all of which takes us to tonight.

As both the Blues and Bruins will tell you, it's all about tonight and the past means nothing, or less.

But what it's worth, here are the team histories in game 7's.

Boston is 15 & 12........but more significantly 14 of their 15 game 7 wins have been on home ice...just ask the Leafs about Boston at home on Game 7.

St Louis has a winning record in Game 7 affairs; they're 9 & 8.

In terms of their record on the road in Game 7, the Blues are 4 & 6, which is respectable.

But again, history means nothing and if we've learned anything about the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs, there seldom has been a predictable outcome.


I'm Fred Wallace


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