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By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


The Owen Sound Attack of the Ontario Hockey League confirmed last week that the coaching staff that finished the season last year will be returning for the season ahead.

Alan Letang, who took over from Todd Gill in late January, will be back as the Head Coach and will be assisted by both Jordan Hill & Joey Hishon.

Hishon will also serve as the Assistant General Manager to Dale DeGray.

I'm happy for all 3, relatively young guys who bring a great deal of passion and preparation to the position and are highly committed to building the Attack program.

I'm sure they'll make the most of this opportunity, which is just that.

Reading between the lines here, the opportunity for the returning coaches is to gain experience, grow their abilities and also upgrade the Attack squad along the way.

If the Attack were thought to be contenders next year, I'm certain a more experienced group would be in place rather than this youthful group.

After Todd Gill was dismissed, the Attack won 8 regular season games, none of them against what I would consider to be upper echelon teams.

Furthermore, the individual progress of players, veterans or otherwise, was minimal in my view.

If you think that's me knocking the coaches, you're incorrect.

First, the group Letang, Hill & Hishon inherited had just been stripped of their best players and strongest leaders.

Second, the group was not that good, far from what we'd been gifted with over the previous 4 seasons, and in some cases the individuals were playing at the peak of their potential.

So while the next  OHL season is months away, I don't foresee Owen Sound being a powerhouse to start the year and that's the challenge, and the opportunity, facing Alan Letang, Jordan Hill & Joey Hishon.


I'm Fred Wallace


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