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Almost 50 Years later


By Fred Wallace

Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


Today is May 10th.

Almost 50 years ago on this date, Bobby Orr scored the Stanley Cup clinching goal in overtime for the Boston Bruins to complete a 4 game sweep of the St Louis Blues.

Almost 50 years later, Boston needs to win TWO MORE series before they can capture a Stanley Cup.

Almost 50 years later, St Louis needs to win FOUR MORE games before they can return to the Stanley Cup Final for the first time since the Bobby Orr goal of 1970.

Are the Stanley Cup Playoffs better in this era, with more games ahead, than they were almost 50 years ago when the Stanley Cup Final was being concluded ?

That's a topic for another day.


I've been back and forth to Guelph this week thanks to McKelvie Taxi and I've enjoyed a birds eye view of the OHL Final games at the Sleeman Centre from the broadcast booth thanks to my buddy Larry Mellott the play by play announcer for the Storm on CJOY Radio.

I'm not working with Larry- he doesn't trust me that much to be on his show, but the seat is terrific.

What have I seen ?


..............Nick Suzuki has dominated.

..............Alexey Toropchenko has played with a great deal of motivation and scored with frequency.

..............I thought depth at forward would favor's been the opposite.

..............Guelph's size was a positive factor in games 3 & 4

..............Going to game 5 tonight, the Storm have momentum on their side in a BIG way

...........& truthfully, while I wish the best for Durzi, Phillips, Roberts & Suzuki, it's strange and somewhat bothersome to know they've been pivotal factors for Guelph in the post season.


Have a great weekend.


I'm Fred Wallace

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