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By Fred Wallace

 Today isn't about sports as much as it is about grassroots radio.


I read with interest a scenario in which College & University Radio Stations could lose a chunk of their core funding as a result of a Provincial Government initiative known as " student fee opt-out "


Earlier this year, the Ford government announced a 10 per cent reduction in tuition plus introduced the Student Choice Initiative, a measure in which students can choose which student fees to pay and how that money will be allocated. 


Certain fees for campus health and safety, athletics and recreation, counselling and academic support are considered essential. The Radio Stations are not.


I get it, but it makes me somewhat sad thinking of my Ryerson years at CKLN FM.


Throughout those 3 years, I did a Friday Morning DJ Show, " The Wallace Wake Up ", and giggle now at how it used to be such an ordeal to get to Ryerson and be on 8 am- I miss those simpler times.


In short order, I also was doing " sports " on CKLN as part of a massive group that included Bruce Vance, now a city big wig in Prince Albert, future NHL broadcaster Paul Romanuk, Arthur Smith who has his name plastered all over Big Time TV productions, plus the most talented guy in the group, that was Michael Landsberg.


Did CKLN FM at Ryerson " launch " our various careers ?


To a certain extent, I'd say, ' yes '.


And while being nostalgic, it's also disappointing to think that many post secondary students might not get their first sweet taste of radio at their campus station in part due to a government initiative.

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