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Selling, Selling


By Fred Wallace

 I do it enough in these parts, so I recognize it when I see it & recognize when I hear it, but it still strikes me as somewhat out of phase when I hear top-of-the-heap broadcast professionals doing it.


The primary goal and top priority for an announcer at any level is to sell, sell, sell and thus influence your audience.


Sell the event.

Sell the promotion.

Sell the client's services with everything you've got.


And if you've done your sell job well, if you're believable, if you're trusted then your audience will buy what you're selling.


Here's an example; for years before the doofus environmentalists got involved, Wiarton had a cool event on the Monday of the Civic Holiday; Frog Jump.


Frog Jump was one of many fun, family oriented activities during Rotary Fair Weekend in Wiarton, a true blast for the kids, and I LOVED it and I sold it like it was the Olympic Games.


I thought of Frog Jump this year when I watched the NHL All Star Game & the Super Bowl for the NFL Championship.


I'm amused that hockey journalists & insiders are reduced to the level of Frog Jump shillers for a few hours on an annual basis.


I was more amused by Jim Nantz & Tony Romo who tried to match the hype of the Patriots-Rams buildup, but in no way could keep the hyperbole up when the game was a dud from the beginning and even Nantz & Romo know it.


Still they were selling, like true professionals whether it's the Super Bowl or Wiarton Frog Jump

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