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No Rocky In Tinsel Town

By Fred Wallace

" Hi this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire. "

The Academy Awards were staged last weekend, and like most years, I saw precious few of the award winners.

In the case of the 2018 awards I can say that I saw " The Post " and most of " 3 Billboards ".

I notice again, there were no sports oriented pieces to win " Best Picture " which historically is quite rare.

" Rocky ", " Chariots of Fire " and " Million Dollar Baby " are the only 3 from the sporting world to capture the Best Picture award.

That's not to say that movies with sports themes don't get consideration for various Oscar statues.

And it's interesting to see the spectrum of sports that become movie settings, & in my opinion good movies overall.

Boxing seems to be the leader with " Raging Bull " & " The Champ " among the significant titles.

Football also has it share of nominations, most recently, " The Blind Side " and long ago, " The Longest Yard ".

Pool or billiards got consideration with " The Hustler " followed decades later by " The Color of Money ".

And, well just relating these titles makes me want to head to the movies or the On Demand channel.

At the movies or otherwise, have a great weekend.

I'm Fred Wallace

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