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The Departure


By Fred Wallace


Hi, I'm Alex Cunningham with Off the Wire

This is my final Off The Wire, I only have 2 more days left of my co-op here and I have talked about MLB, Bluewater Sports, NHL, OHL, and other topics in the world of sports.

I came into this kind of scared because I didn't know a whole lot about sports but I have learned so much about radio and sports it feels unreal.

I have the best teacher in the world, I honestly could not ask for a better person to work beside everyday, Fred has taught me so much I don't have enough time to list everything he has taught me about radio, sports, life, and so much more.

Everyone at this placement has taught me something and I am eternally grateful for that. I am so happy that I chose to come back and do a co-op for a semester because it was truly an amazing experience.

I have learned a great deal in my few months here and look forward to taking this next step into my life and am currently waiting to hear back from all my schools I applied to.

I have made friends here and I will never forget my co-op here.

Thank you to everyone who has come up to me outside of the station and talked to me about radio and other things, you helped make my time here that much more special.

I hope to return here in the future to visit and hopefully work once I have completed my schooling.

I'm Alex Cunningham, thanks for always listening

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