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Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

This is an idea that will probably never fly, but the concept is decent, in my humble opinion.

The Brokerlink Insurance Grey-Bruce Major Curling League has existed for decades, it has both a stable and proud history and has served as exceptional primer for competitive curlers in our region.

But, time has marched on. The number of rinks have dwindled from a highwater mark of 20 or so down to the current level of 8.

It's a not a crime, but simple reality that our best regional curlers have aged over a 30 year period.

So what follows or who follows ?

I don't have the answer or the solution, but I do note there are 15 rinks divided between Girls and Boys play in Bluewater Curling.

So the initiative that crossed my mind was is there any way to merge the two groups ?

From early November through late January, the Brokerlink loop plays on Wednesday nights on a rotational basis in clubs around Grey & Bruce.

Could the Bluewater loop coordinate their high school schedule to play at the same clubs on the same days as the Brokerlink players ?

Theoretically, the Bluewater Girls and Boys rinks could gather & compete in the late afternoon at one club, the very same club the Brokerlink League would use that evening, and then following the high school competition, the best high school rinks could stay & compete with the experienced curlers.

I'm dreaming, aren't I ?

But the goal of expanding the Brokerlink League at the same time as providing more experience for teenage curlers in our region seems like a noble project.

I'm Fred Wallace

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