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Ultimate OHL Moments


By Fred Wallace

The Owen Sound Attack are conducting a unique promotion, asking their fans to recall and describe their " ultimate moment ".

In fairness, over 21 years of first Plater hockey, and now Attack hockey, there's been about 1,500 Owen Sound games in the OHL and different people will have different memories.

I've been asked since the start of the promotion about my " ultimate " moment and it is a question that sincerely I can't come to a conclusive decision for.

It might be Jeff Perry's goal at Sudbury in Game 7 of the 1990 playoffs.

Or Kirk Maltby's 49th goal of the season at Kitchener on the final night of the 1992 season which remains as the best individually artistic and complete player goal I've ever seen.

I remember calling a great playoff game at Kitchener in 1994, when Tim Spitzig kept the Rangers alive with a goal with 6 seconds to play and then scored the overtime winner for Kitchener.

In 2006, Mike Angelidis also scored in overtime at Kitchener to win a series.

And I'll always hold a special place to remember the night they hung the Dan Snyder banner.

The image of Lu Ann Snyder touching the photo banner, as if she was touching her child, just before it was raised towards the roof, always gets me.

I'm leaving out a thousand other great moments, but this is for the fans, and I'll be interested in seeing what stands out as the " Ultimate " moment for Plater & Attack fans.

I'm Fred Wallace


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