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The Recovery Process


By Fred Wallace


The recovery process for Larisa Yurkiw continues.

And there is progress in the process, according to Yurkiw, but knowing the Owen Sound Alpine Skier, it's not fast enough.

Nothing ever is.

Yurkiw crashed at Val D'Isere, France in December, wrecking her knee.

Four months later, she continues to heal, undergoing medical procedures and therapy to restore the strength, agility and power she once possessed when racing down the mountain.

Over the course of the winter, she came to the realization, or was told flat-out, there would be no World Cup Ski circuit for her in 2010-11.

Yes, she could make a comeback and compete in the year ahead, but those in the know medically advised her, a return that was too soon would likely keep her from competing ever again.

Given that choice, Larisa Yurkiw is attempting to ride a tow-rope of patience, one that will allow her to recover fully, and her latest target & primary goal is to be in full health and at the top of her game come the Russian Olympics of 2014.

I'm Fred Wallace

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