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Impressive Start


By Fred Wallace


It was an impressive start to the Junior B Lacrosse season for the 2010 version of the Owen Sound Bluewater ProTeam NorthStars.

Saturday night in both their home & season opener, the NorthStars roared out of the gate and grabbed a huge first period lead and then cruised home for an 8-5 win over the Windsor Clippers.

Impressive because essentially it was their first meaningful game in 9 or 10 months dating back to last year's playoffs.

And, as can be expected on Opening Night after a lengthy layoff, there was " good " and " bad ".

The " good " certainly starts in net where Tom Watkins had a steady & solid game, well supported by a group of experienced defenders.

The good also includes a blistering offensive start to the game in which they chased the Windsor starter from the goal, scoring 5 times in 8 minutes to open the season.

Plus, the offensive burst was highlighted by Nathan Barfoot & Jordan McMillen and the expectation is that more snipers are due to return to the NorthStar lineup.

The bad ?

Well, Windsor did outscore Owen Sound 4-2 over the last 52 minutes of a 60 minute game.

Two, and keep in mind I don't a great deal about lacrosse, but so many times when shorthanded and leading in the game, the NorthStars elected to shoot on a shorthanded try & turned possession of the ball over, rather than bypass the shot totally and simply keep possession and eat time off the penalty clock.

And three, focus.

Owen Sound was clobbering Windsor on the scoreboard, but slowly the priority became dishing out licks, rather than producing more goals and bit by bit, Windsor made the score respectable. A better opponent might have come all the way back to score the win.

So some good, some not-do-good, but with 19 games to travel, including their first divisional tilt this Saturday at Elora, there's plenty of potential for growth for the Owen Sound NorthStars.

I'm Fred Wallace

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