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Let's Play Ball and Read A Book


By Fred Wallace

Baseball season is on the horizon and in the last month, among the baseball oriented literature I've read was an intriguing piece by Jay McGwire, titled " Mark & Me. "

Jay McGwire is the youngest of the California McGwire Brothers, a clan that features former NFL Quarterback Dan McGwire, and of course, baseball slugger Mark McGwire.

Mark has made the most headlines among the McGwires, first, as a home run hitter who once held the Major League record for homers in a season, and most recently, for admitting his use of steroids while active in baseball.

Jay McGwire's story is far less known, but it is a good one.

In fact, Jay McGwire's story is several stories rolled in one.

Youth Athletics, irresponsible adolescence, weightlifting to body building, steroids into drugs, partying, Christianity and family relations.

Linking the McGwire Brothers is Jay's defence and expanded explanation of Mark's steroid use, why he did it, how he did, all the while saying a prayer that no journalist would make the connection between brothers and ask Jay a question he could not lie about.

There are some neat swerves in this book too, unexpected turns of events.

Would it surprise you to know, the McGwire Brothers no longer speak or communicate with each other ?

The reason is one of many good reasons to pick up Jay McGwire's book, " Mark & Me. "

I'm Fred Wallace


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