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Sports and Parents Mix


By Fred Wallace

The Owen Sound Extreme deviated from the previous format of hosting the Grey Bruce Ringette Championships and morphed into a format known as " Celebration Sunday " this year.

Regardless of the format, it was a largely successful day for ringette at the Lumley-Bayshore as 6 games were staged featuring various age brackets of the Extreme program.

Ringette participation numbers are dwindling, primarily because Girls Hockey is exploding in the region, which on one level is too bad, because ringette is, was and will forever be a terrific sport.

The most terrific aspect of " Celebration Sunday " was provided by the Kitchener Wildcat Novices and their parents.

When the girls did their pre-game cheer, they faced their parents in the crowd and the parents chanted right along with them.

Furthermore, the parents wore green wigs, had painted faces, banged their cowbells and really supported their youngsters in a healthy fashion.

If you've seen the public service announcements touting parenthood as the best job in the world, these Kitchener Wildcat fans personified that.

Having said that, only 1 game later, the Kitchener Wildcat Junior Girls, inspired their parents, stormed off the playing surface with a couple of minutes to play because things weren't going their way.

Or, I suspect. the influence of alcohol and drugs kicked in.

Sporting parents can be great, or sporting parents can be brutal, but underneath, be it ringette or any other youth activity, sports provides the opportunity for everyone to be great.

I'm Fred Wallace


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