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Tiger Returns


By Fred Wallace


In 3 weeks, Tiger Woods will return to the PGA circuit, returning for the opening major of the year, the Masters at Augusta, Georgia.

When last seen, Tiger had tree trouble, and not the sort of tree trouble one usually associates with golfers.

The tree in this case, was in his posh Florida subdivision, a tree he wrapped his upscale vehicle around.

Initially, it was thought that the crash damaged the vehicle, but it turned out, the damage in the front was from the tree, the damage in the rear window was caused by the woman of the house, who apparently is just as accurate when swinging a club.

When Tiger shanked the car into the tree, the velocity was so great, that rather than nuts, a whole bevy of strip club beauties came tumbling out, one after the other, each proclaiming to be the last one Tiger partied with.

Woods gave a whole new meaning to the term " foursome ".

And so a little more than 4 months later, Tiger Woods returns to what everyone thought he did best; play golf.

He returns to the serenity of the golf course, in one of the most sacred events on the calendar.

The revered Masters is the perfect re-entry point in the eyes of many, but something tells me Augusta, Georgia will have a Barnum & Bailey like atmosphere in 3 weeks time.

I'm Fred Wallace

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