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The End.....Too Soon


By Fred Wallace


The Ontario Hockey League season will end soon, far too soon, for this edition of the Owen Sound Attack.

You may call me a hopeless optimist, an apologist, or even a " homer ", but I'm having a hard time dealing with the cold hard fact that this year's Attack club will not be going to the OHL playoffs.

In my heart, and in my head, I'm convinced that Owen Sound is as capable as Sault Ste Marie, Erie, Saginaw and Guelph, but the reality is those teams are going to the playoffs and Owen Sound is not.

And truth be told, those organizations deserve to go to the post season, whereas Owen Sound's fate was equally deserved based on the events that transpired this season.

A few weeks ago, after a thumping in Erie at the hands of the Otters, I was on in this segment and stated Owen Sound has to be better in many areas, on and off the ice.

I meant it, and I still mean it, even though many in the Lumley-Bayshore felt the comments were harsh and heavy handed.

So let's set some ground rules and parameters here.

Between now and the start of next season, there will be a number of days in which this comment will deal with the Attack and the factors that kept them from advancing.

Ground Rule # 1; I understand fully and accept that injuries to key players from training camp through March were a significant factor.

But, I feel there were too may other contributing factors.

So, Ground Rule # 2, pertaining to anything I say between now and the start of next season, is that none of this is personal.

Understand I like the people who own the team, manage the team, coach the team and play for the team, but I think they're capable of more, much more and to that end, stay tuned for observations and potential remedies for an OHL season ended far too early in Owen Sound

I'm Fred Wallace

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