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Turning 70


By Fred Wallace


The company I work for is 70 years of age today.

Starting with AM station CFOS in 1940, what is now Bayshore Broadcasting has added 2 FM stations here in Owen Sound, along with the " Beach " format at Port Elgin, at Goderich & at Wasaga Beach.

Plus coming soon, our horizons will expand again with " Sunshine FM " at Orillia.

From a sports standpoint, you can imagine how many significant moments have taken place in a span of 70 years.

The problem is, very few of those moments have been documented and saved for posterity.

Thankfully, somebody, somewhere, had a recording of the Owen Sound Cresents Mann Cup victory in 1950 which, along with the Mercurys Allan Cup win in 1951, are the biggest moments in team sports our station covered.

From an individual standpoint, we do have the audio from Larisa Yurkiw's World Cup ski win in 2009, which I'd think would be the most significant victory in a solo sport.

But otherwise, sadly, there are very few recorded testaments to the sound of sport through 70 years.

In fairness, archiving and storing audio has become vastly easier with modern technology.

The point is, for everyone, hang on to your recordings and photos and special moments.

You never know when you'll turn 70

And I promise to do a more thorough job of documenting day to day local sports history over the next 70 years.

Happy Anniversary Bayshore Broadcasting

I'm Fred Wallace

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